Unhoused Youth

Unhoused Youth Services

The Day One Street Program has been in partnership with Preble Street Teen Services, for over 30 years. The Street Program is inside the Preble Street Teen Center, in Portland, Maine. A collaborative network of partners works to ensure quality support and care for unhoused youth under 21 years old. The Preble Street Teen Center serves youth from a multitude of experiences. We support unhoused Asylum-seeking youth arriving daily from all over the world, native Maine youth, and youth that have arrived in Maine in other non-traditional ways. The United Way of Southern Maine provides generous funding to support the unique approach needed to connect with our unhoused adolescents. Both Day One Clinicians are dually licensed, professionally trained to support youth around both mental health and substance use issues. Day One Clinicians can engage in low-barrier, harm-reduction outreach, and counseling, honoring the fact that many of these youth have had negative systematic experiences. The Street Program Clinicians can organically build relationships with these youth before formally engaging in traditional clinical treatment. The Day One Street Program Clinicians can engage in open dialogue around substance use, providing psychoeducation and linkage to local harm-reduction agencies to promote safety and health. The Street Program Clinicians are significantly embedded in the community and can provide additional collaborative links to relevant resources. The Street Program Clinician’s additionally support youth that have transitioned out of homelessness and are living in transitional living apartments.

Population Served

Unhoused youth under the age of 21


Main office number: 207-893-0386
Fax number: 207-893-2086

Program Manager

Cheryl Daly, LCSW, LADC, CCS

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