Our Mission, Vision and Values

As a long-recognized leader in the prevention and treatment of youth substance use and mental health, Day One has built a culture of excellence in all that it does. Day One believes that continued success in meeting its mission is dependent on our ability to live and operate by the values which serve as its foundation. We expect ourselves, and our fellow employees, to embody these values in all that we do to further the agency’s mission.


Day One improves the health of Maine by providing substance use, mental health and wellness services to youth and families.


All Maine youth will have opportunities to realize their full potential to live productive, healthy and rewarding lives.



  • Compassionate: We strive to understand people as individuals.
  • Respectful: We treat people the way we want to be treated.
  • Trustworthy: We say what we mean and do what we say.
  • Responsive: We respond to the needs of others in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Accessible: We strive to meet the needs of individuals where and when they present themselves.


  • Ownership: We take responsibility for our actions.
  • Follow-through: We follow through on our commitments.
  • Transparency: We are open and honest in our communications.
  • Sustainability: We set a strong foundation that provides the basis for future growth.
  • Confidentiality: We respect and protect the confidential nature of client, staff, and agency information.

Day One is a LEADER

  • Passion: We have a passion for our mission and are confident in our ability to carry it out.
  • Advocacy: We are vocal advocates on issues concerning our clients and staff.
  • Connectedness: We are actively connected to the communities in which we live and work.
  • Progressive: We enhance our programs and practices through best practices and technology.
  • Risk Taking: We are nimble and take calculated risks to create and seize opportunities.


  • Self-Awareness: We actively seek to understand our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Professional development: We create opportunities for continued professional development.
  • Expertise: We value and seek out individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.
  • Informed: We strive to base our decisions on data and evidence.

our services

We provides a full continuum of substance use and mental health services designed to reconnect individuals, youth and families to paths of healing and recovery.

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